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INTRO TO Voiceover  

Ever wanted to know what voiceover is all about and how to get into it? I offer a crash course on what I did that made me a booking professional for the past several years. A 1.5 hr. private session via Skype answers all your questions and gives you the tools to start your own professional voiceover career right now. This is a business for self starters and I want to help dispel the rumors and show you the ins and outs of getting started the right way. Book your spot and we will schedule a time!   be sure to include an email in your venmo transaction so I can be in touch.

$95 VENMO: Andrea-Gibson-6    contact: gibson.andi@gmail.com to schedule


I book regularly in a myriad of accents and as a musician have always had an ear for them. If you are a working pro and want to get better at an accent you keep getting called for, bring it in and we will get you there. Accents aren't just for cartoons and videogames anymore, there is a subtlety to sounding natural that any professional actor can use. A 1 hr. private session via skype gets you to a place where you feel more comfortable in your dialect to start booking! book your spot today and we will schedule a time!  be sure to include an email in your venmo transaction so I can be in touch. 

$95 Venmo: Andrea-Gibson-6  contact: gibson.andi@gmail.com to schedule