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Dialect Fine Tuning
Price: $95 and $20 off next coaching if booked before April

I have always had an ear for accents and taught myself as a girl, how to pick them up!  I now book jobs regularly in many different accents and am sharing my method with you.  This private coaching session is for the working professional actor focused on nailing an accent for a job, or simply someone who has always been interested in giving a dialect a try. The entire session will be recorded for you and emailed to you when we finish so you can continue to work on your own.  Please have an accent or two you want to work on, something to read, ANYTHING YOU WANT (we are merely focusing on the sounds coming out of your mouth) and a good open minded attitude.  Accents can be daunting, but there's nothing to be afraid of.  My students have had booking success after studying with me! 

Reserve your session by making payment on the pay link tab and we will then schedule a time that works for us both.  Thanks!

Intro to VO intensive
Price: $95 and $20 off next coaching if booked before April


Interested in learning more about the world of voiceover work? Know about voiceover and are interested in doing it, but don't know where to start? Here's your chance! I'm sharing my experience and what worked for me when I got started in VO. I will answer your questions, dispel the rumors and give you the tools to get started in the right direction with your vo career! The copy we work on during your session will be recorded and sent to you when we finish. VO isn't for everyone nor is it as easy as it seems, so this coaching session is your opportunity to decide if it's right for you. I'll take you through the steps that helped me, in the hopes of helping you!

Pay through the pay link tab to reserve your spot then we will schedule a time that works for us both.  Thank you!

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